Some smart men once said that the world is open to interpretation. There is no objective reality, your reality depends on your point of view. From where you look at the world. And though you might now think of people in Asia versus people in Europe, that's not all there is to this, it's more complicated than that. Imagine for example a city. This city has neighbourhoods and these neighbourhoods are full of houses full of families. All these families are full of people and these people have connections, worries and ways in which they spend their time. All these people see different parts of the world throughout their days.

Yet all these people also feel closer to some people than they do to others. Often they form groups with whom they identify themselves. And this is what I want to focus on today. People who form groups with people who they for some reason feel closer to than others. For some reason they understand each other better than others. Their point of view is more similar to each other's than to those outside of their group. Their shared reality is somewhat different to that of others. Isn't that bizarre? The reality of your neighbour is slightly different from yours! Imagine! And today, right now, you get a chance to have a look into another reality through my eyes. A reality some people share in a place somewhere in the Netherlands, in the city of The Hague. 

Ready? Let's go!

'Name at central station on a Sunday afternoon'

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