halfway there

I'm halfway there already. My toes in the sand, waves crashing, taking away the ground from underneath my feet. I feel myself sinking. The ocean is taking me in after the wings of a plane played with pressure until they lifted me and everyone. We were up high, hours gazing out the window seeing nothing but clouds. Dreams painted, splattered, on the velvet-like canvas. Boys and red drinks laying a haze of pink and red and ocean green blue I don't know which colour but it is splendid. We drink and laugh and spread our milk white legs wide on cobbled stone streets. Sitting on ledges old as history and there we go. We're away from everything that's real to us, yet here and now is all we know. The air is light, the breeze is kind and lifts strings of hair gently so I can gaze at this unfamiliar world unseen. The stories folding out around me, they're taking in corners in my mind. Forever theirs. I'll be after this forever changed. Never will I be able to go back to that time before the sun. Portugal, I'll see you soon, wait for me like I wait for you. With love. Isabella